LAV012 Gleix – In Light Of

ambient, experimental, postminimalism

Case and Tape
Case Front and Back
Tape Front and Back
Tape Mockup

A1. Letting It Happen (05:18)

A2. Allowing Machinery (07:08)

A3. Walking Through (01:04)

A4. Branches Outstretched (03:25)

A5. Moving Too Fast (It Spoke) (05:44)

B1. How Did We Get Here (06:01)

B2. How I Sound to You (04:27)

B3. Settle (02:29)

B4. Goodbye, I Guess (09:24)

B5. These Tasks Used to Feel a Lot Shorter (04:10)

B6. Some Sort of Foreign Gratitude (01:22)

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